Bonds were sold and the first church building was constructed in the Lakehoma addition of Mustang, OK in 1965. Soon the young church hired the first of what would be eight pulpit ministers over the next 52 years. Fifteen elders have served the church including five at present. There have been major building programs in each decade of our history. The 1970’s saw a new auditorium, which tripled worship capacity. In the 1980’s classrooms, a foyer and new offices were added. A third worship space doubled capacity in the 1990’s while the previous auditorium was renovated into a fellowship hall. Most recently, a two-story classroom addition compliments our present campus.

Some of our most effective efforts have involved our youth: Summer Vacation Bible Schools since 1966, weeklong sessions at Camp Lu-Jo Kismif since 1982, and Leadership Training for Christ since 1997. Youth and Children’s Ministry continues to thrive under the leadership of our committed children’s minister, youth minister and enthusiastic parents.

International and domestic mission efforts have always been a vital part of Lakehoma’s heart. All six inhabited continents currently feel the touch of our outreach. In 2007, a very impactful move was made to start a small groups ministry. We currently have fourteen Life Groups meeting on Sunday evenings to promote closer spiritual relationships and improve communication for those with physical needs.

With the recent growth of our ministry vicinity, we believe that our Lord is preparing us to make an even greater difference for the Kingdom of God into the future. Our challenge is to not accept the status quo, but step out boldly in faith as we seek to Love God, Serve Others and Make Disciples!