Embrace Life

Having an unplanned pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions.  You are both excited and apprehensive about your situation. But you are not alone.  Embrace Life is a program designed to help support and encourage you on this new journey in your life.  Your life is not over. Your dreams are not over.  This is a new season for you and we at Lakehoma are here to help you through this marvelous new time in your life!

Join Embrace Life

* Make new single mom friends.

* Connect with amazing leaders and mentors that will help guide you in this season.

* Grab the dreams and passions you may have put behind while being pregnant or having your baby and bring them back to LIFE!

New semester begins October 4, 2017

We meet every Wednesday night at 6:30.

For more information about joining Embrace Life please fill out the form below.

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