Welcome to Lakehoma Church

We are honored you have joined us at Lakehoma.Church. Every Sunday the pews are packed and the smiles are sincere. It’s the hellos and good mornings that make strangers feel like friends.  It’s the angelic voice of a child, the prayer of a seasoned believer, and the family of six rustling in the pews.  We are family.

 Know this; we are not here to say we’re perfect. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We’re sinners, and that’s the reason we not only need God but need each other. Colossians 1:28 says … ”so that we may present everyone complete in Christ.” 

 Our mission is simple—to help connect, serve and transform the lives of not just our members but our community.  Lakehoma focuses on growth -- the growth in families, in the church and in strangers.  We therefore extend a warm invitation to participate with us in our efforts to Love God, Serve Others, and Make Disciples.

We would invite you to be with us for Bible class at 9:00 am and Sunday worship at 10:00 am.